5 Food Gems Near Comfort Driving Centre (CDC) at Ubi

These are 5 of the food gems at Ubi / Tai Seng area that you can try out before going or after your driving lesson at CDC.

1. Fast East Chicken Rice – 350 Ubi Ave 1 Coffeeshop

Far East Chicken Rice

This stall sells one of the nicest Roasted Chicken rice in Ubi / Tai Seng area. The fragrant of the rice is very nice and taste even better when you add some of the sauce from the chicken. The chilli is spicy and very addictive. Be prepare to queue up if you visit the stall during lunch time.

2. Thai Seng Fish Soup – 3024 Ubi Road 3

Another gem that you should try is Thai Seng Fish Soup located at 3024 Ubi Road 3. Be prepare to queue if you visit the stall during lunch hours. Go there before 11.20am to avoid the lunch crowd. This stall serve rich and tasty fish soup with super tender sliced fish. You have the option to add fried egg strips which adds great flavour to the soup! The Tom Yam version is also very popular among the regular customers. Definitely worth a try if you like spicy food.

3. Crispy Roti Prata- 350 Ubi Ave 1 Coffeeshop

This stall is located at the same coffee shop as Far East Chicken Rice. It serves crispy roti prata like what the stall name says. You have the option to choose either mutton or fish curry with y0ur prata.

4. Pondok Pantai Timur – 301 Ubi Ave 1 Yummy Food Point


Pondok Pantai Timur was originally from Changi Village Hawker Centre and has relocated to Ubi. It serves delicious Ayam Penyet and Ikan Penyet. Definitely a must try if you love crispy fried chicken.

5. Hawker Chan – 18 Tai Seng Street

Hawker Chan

If you are walking from Tai Seng MRT station to Comfort Driving Centre, you can visit this stall located at 18 Tai Seng Street by renown Hawker Chan. You can enjoy succulent soya chicken dishes over here. Despite having a Michelin star, the food here at Hawker Chan is kept very reasonably priced.

Next time before meeting up with your private driving instructor, you may visit one of these food gems located nearby CDC.