5 Must Know Practical Test Tips

Remember these 5 must know practical test tips to increase your chance of passing your upcoming test.

1.Book a good time slot

When booking your test date and timing, choosing the strategic timing is very important. Try to avoid morning peak hours, as you would not be able to use the bus lane and have to be mindful to avoid entering the bus lane and also during peak hours, there will be more cars on the road and this makes changing lanes more challenging.

2.Book your test early

Booking the test early enable you to have more time to plan your lesson schedule and ensure that you sufficient practice before the actual test.

3.Be friendly to your tester

By greeting you tester and be friendly to him instead of pulling a straight will definitely make a better impression for you.

4.Exaggerate when checking your blind spots

It’s better safe than sorry. When checking blind spots, try to make your action more obvious so that the tester will not get a chance to fault you for not checking the blind spots.

5.Stay away from taxis

Taxis are some time unpredictable and may stop or change lane abruptly. For someone who is taking a test, it is best to avoid driving near taxis, as you may be experience to react to their sudden action.